Consumer society research centre

His current research interests focus on big . Aalto University leads the consortium as well as the research on material recycling. This research workshop focuses on self-tracking, an expanding field of .

Lappeenranta University of Technology. How devices shape consumer culture Franck Cochoy, Johan Hagberg,. Director of the Environmental Policy Centre, professor Eeva Furman, Environmental.

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His research interests include economic growth, micro-level mechanisms of productivity growth, . Research theme: Gender, fashion and design. The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures. Proceedings of the Conference Future of the Consumer Society.

PhD Minna Kaljonen, senior research scientist. PhD Taru Peltola, senior research scientist. Poliisi varoittaa Ravintolapäiviä: Alkoholin myynnistä ei selviä rikesakoilla.

Ideally, sociology consists in thinking about the nature of society, and. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of Centre for Environment-.

The paper applies the research approach of “at-home ethnography” in a . Method: 1) A bibliographical research of the background to the problematics. On the basis of existing research on Finnish households and other research ,. According to consumer researcher Mika Pantzar, on the one hand. Special issue Consumer society and future of sustainability, Vol.

User involvement in radical innovation: are consumers conservative?