Electrolux airosteam käyttöohje

Käytä vianetsintää, jos sinulla on ongelmia laitteesi kanssa, tai osta tarvikkeita tai varaosia laitettasi . Touchline aloittaa uuden aikakauden yhdistelmäuunien. Electroluxilta ei puutu kokemusta.

Ept2: boiler probe in open circuit (only hot air cycle can be selected). The steam cycle button acts as main switch: if it is release the test stops. Accessories for air-o-steam and air-o-convect ovens. GN, cooking modes (automatic, recipe program, manual), air-o-clima and air-o-clean .

Automatic mode: choosing family and food type, the oven. An innovative combi oven built on four . With hot air cycles air-o-clima exhausts any excess humidity generated by the food. The continual change from hot air to steam takes place.

Neljä eri tapaa tulkita ruoanlaiton taidetta Neljä. Kaikki mitä uunilta tarvitset electrolux air-o-convect 3. The functions steam cooking, interval cooking, hot air,. The machine can also be fitted with steam heating using a. Dishwasher Repairs At Cedar Appliance Repairs we are one o…f.

Dish washers …,Tumble dryers, stoves , Geysers , Steam ovens and. Monipuolinen kiertoilmauuni ammattikäyttöön. Make sure the area below the cabinet is clear to allow free condenser air. Care should be taken when removing the lid to avoid possible injury from steam.

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