Eyewear trends 2017

Discover the most current trends in eyewear for the new season! Spring is getting started and so are the newest eyewear fashion trends. Check out the latest here- from geometric frames to stylish updates on .

Sunglasses are worn for different purposes. We do not wear them for just protecting our eyes from sunlight . Here are the main, latest eyewear trends. Eyewear trends continue to move toward roun mixed materials, and metal.

Whether you are on safari or trekking in the jungle, our classic tortoiseshell frames in . From tortoiseshell frames to designer glasses, Vogue explains why. Just like everything else in fashion, sunglasses trends come and go. But sometimes the best trends are timeless. The fine eyewear design review.

Which runway inspired design will be next? When looking back at the history of eyeglasses, it is believed the first pair came into focus in the 13th Century. Fast forward 7years and it is . Catharina Rüß, London Academy of Fashion and Design.

Trends in eyewear are linked to trends in fashion clothing. Introducing the hottest eyewear trends this season. There is no particular time or season to buy sunglasses.

Explore the latest fashion eyewear trends for men and women. Because these are the accessories that work all the . Today, people who need corrective lenses have more fashionable eyeglass choices than ever.