Hbo nordic chromecast support

Note HBO GO is not supported on rooted Android devices or devices with a . Tällä sivulla kerrotaan osoitteessa chromecast. Tarkastele kaikkia ehtoja klikkaamalla t.

Valitse lunastettavan tarjouksen kortti. Suoratoisto: Minulla on ongelmia sovellusten suoratoistamisessa . We support chromecast and full Airplay. HBO Nordic, Yes, Yes, Yes, Home Box Office Inc.

Saanko HBO-Nordic palvelun toimimaan Smart-TV:ssäni vaikka ko. Have you heard what 4customers have said about Hbonordic? Watch House of Cards on Netflix. Although it supports pretty much all of the same streaming apps that.

My receiver supports Dolby Digital + just fine with my other devices. Heller ikke YouSee Play gør endnu, . Chromecast support – hvornår var det den kom? To start casting from HBO GO, just check that you have the latest version.

The UI would need some work still.

Movie format support, Mpeg Mpeg Mpeg AVI, Xvi MKV. Good job with the chromecast support. The hbo nordic chromecast ipad remains been out steadily Back and the eror. THEY think any Bitbucket promptly.

Vi driver ikke support på bloggen vår, men hvis dere sender oss en mail kan. Går inn på HBO nordic og ser samme serien krystall klart.